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What does being a MOTHER mean?

Happy May Day!

My world! My constant! My Family!

May is the month we get to celebrate being a mom! So let’s celebrate not only ourselves but our families because they are the ones that give us the right to that title. Whether they are with us to love on, we are carrying them in our tummy, they are waiting for us in heaven or they are a bonus kiddos in our daily lives we are moms because of them!

Define Mom:

Mom: one's mother -Google

Mom: The woman who loves you unconditionally from birth, the one who puts her kids before herself and the one who you can always count on above everyone else -Urban Dictionary

Mom: A person who has responsibility for the care of children -YourDictionary

What is the one thing that all of these definitions of Moms have in common? Read them closely and focus on the keywords - loves you unconditionally, has responsibility for the care of children, one's mother. See it? Better yet, focus on the words you haven't seen: Biological, adoptive, step, foster, etc.


In today's world having a different 'type' of mother(s) is common but that doesn't define the mother, nor should we allow it to. As women and mothers, we do our best every day to give our children a beautiful life with love and support. We don't ask for much but give credit to those mothers biological, stepmom, foster mom or family member that has stepped in, etc. I'm not saying to call her mom, I'm simply saying appreciating them for being a mother and being that strong woman that you need in your life to help you find your way!

A Letter To Her

Dear biological moms,

Thank you for never giving up on your children from the beginning, you're the one who knew before anyone else that a life was growing inside you. You made the choice to love and nurture a child you had never seen, heard or felt. From getting morning sickness, not being able to sleep and constantly worrying about the unknown you became a mother the moment that test said positive. Being there to hear the initial cry and their first word, watching them take those first steps, getting their first scrapped knee, going to school for the first time along with their first broken heart. You deserve a thank you every day because you will never let go of your baby, you are amazing, a true inspiration and your light shines through your children every day!

Dear adoptive moms,

Thank you for giving your child a second chance and loving them unconditionally. You saved that child in one way or another and you did it with grace! You chose to become a mother for no other reason than wanting to be a mother, to raise a child, love and give a life that someone else could not. You chose to love and you deserve a thank you every day for giving your child a better, beautiful life.

Dear stepmoms,

Thank you for stepping up to be the extra support for your spouse's child and for being that bonus parent figure that they can go to for advice. Thank you for treating someone else's child as if they are your own and loving them just the same. You deserve a thank you every day because you decided to step up despite the situation.

Dear foster moms,

Thank you for opening up your home/arms for these children, and giving them a safe place to sleep and food to eat. You have given up your space and free time to help these children grow to be the best they can be. You deserve a thank you every day because you chose to provide what others couldn't.

Dear family member who has taken on the role of mom,

Thank you for saving the day. Before this new role, you may have been called grandma, aunt, sister or even dad. You are still that role but now being a mom is also apart of that. You play both so that your child doesn't feel a void in your relationship. You do all you can to ensure that they feel loved unconditionally just like that of any mothers love because your love is no different, it's immense and it is true. You deserve a thank you every day because you chose to be the hero for your child.

Each mother is the same no matter the 'type' because they love their children from the deepest parts of their hearts. These mothers are all beautiful inside and out, loving and supportive! They deserve more credit than most are willing to give because of some different situations and not considering the small things that mothers do until they become a mother themselves. The one thing they all have in common is that they love unconditionally!

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