• Kelsee Feist

The Boy In The Hallway

At 14 I decided that I was done living in the dark and in pain every single day. I needed to make better choices and change my life for good!

February 22, 2010, was the first day of my fresh start, the first day of my new High School. It was the beginning of the rest of my life but I didn't know that at the time... My first week at the new school and I had met so many new people but one boy, in particular, was introduced to me in the hallway, "Kelsee, this is Mike", we said our hello's and went our separate ways.

He definitely caught my attention from the start, with his baby face and his try-hard bad boy attitude, but the best part was that he made me smile ALL THE TIME and it filled that empty space that I needed to be filled so badly at the time! He was always walking up to me to say hi and it was nice to have a guy friend who was just that, a friend. After a month of our friendship growing it was definitely in the friend zone.....

March 18, 2010, it was lunchtime and I was just sitting with friends like normal. Mike walked up to me and asked if I wanted to go on a walk. (This being a month of friendship and in my mind, he's in the friend zone.) on this "Walk" we go out by the track behind the school and to my surprise, our lips were connected... Yepp was not expecting that at all, because to me we were just friends. Two days later I was dating a different boy and Mike had lost an opportunity to ask me out.

September 13, 2010, Yet again it's lunchtime, Mike and I are walking to my truck. He tries so hard to be smooth but just comes out and asks me to go out with him, and you bet I told him I had to think about it because it can't just be that easy! First off at this point we had grown an amazing friendship and he was the only guy that was always a phone call away, he talked with me for hours and knew everything I had been going through in life and with other guys... He had become a best friend he was honestly like a brother to me and that was weird for me when he asked me out because I was torn. He made me so happy but he was so far in the friend zone it wasn't even funny.....

I made him wait all day. I got done with cheer practice and football practice was almost done so we could talk. He asked again and I said yes. I was so flipping nervous it wasn't even funny because I had no idea what was going to happen. The first two weeks of our relationship was a disaster, because of how awkward it was for me. He was totally fine and tried so hard, but so many people told him to dump me because I wouldn't hold his hand and I'm so glad that he didn't listen to them. Time went on days, weeks, months and years passed, we graduated High School and started the crazy game of life in the real world. Mike wouldn't get a job after we graduated and not gonna lie it was driving me crazy I told him he needed to get a job and stop playing video games all day because he wasn't going to college and he needed to get his shit together basically. Well that didn't do anything so I decided that I needed to make a decision and one that I really really really didn't want to make and I knew that I wouldn't be able to do it in person because again I didn't want to do it but I felt that I was holding him back. I called him while he was away at the beach helping his grandpa and we talked on the phone for hours, I told him how I felt and that we needed to break up (It was NOT what I wanted to do, it was what I felt NEEDED to happen) he didn't agree and was so upset with me to the point that all the emotions that we were both feeling literally made me barf. I dropped the phone and ran out my door and got so sick it was terrible. I knew I broke his heart but I didn't want to see him give up on himself, I knew he was capable of so much more!

We have now been together for 8 1/2 years in total, married for 3 almost 4 years now. We have a daughter who has him so wrapped around her finger it's not even funny, a son who is his fathers son through and through, and we have custody of his 15-year-old sister who filled a spot in my heart that I never knew was missing, she means the world to me and I'm the absolute luckiest to have all three of these kids in my life.

Most of all I'm so lucky to have the boy of my dreams as my husband, the father of our children and watch him be an amazing big brother. We have been through so much together and we always come out stronger. True love is knowing that no matter what, your other half always has your back, it's having an argument but always knowing that you love each other at the end of the day, it's never letting others tell you how to love or who to love. True love is you choosing that same person every single day no matter the circumstances.

He was and is the man who has helped me through all my struggles with affection, intimacy, depression, PTSD and anxiety he is and will always be my rock..... He listens to me and understands why I am the way I am because trusting men, is one of the hardest things for me and he is always so understanding of my boundaries. He really really loves me and I know that, but I love him so much more because of what he's done for me and our life, as a couple. I choose him every single day because HE is my EVERYTHING!

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