• Kelsee Feist

Quality Time With Kids

This week lets focus on ways we can spend some quality time with the kiddos! It's not about the quantity it's about the quality time spent with the kids. They won't remember that mom and dad spent every extra second with them but they will remember the bedtime stories or that one time of the day that is the special snuggle time or that one on one talk you had. It's so important to not only make time for ourselves but to also make time for our kids.

Activities: Infants - Toddlers - Teens

- Arts and Crafts

- Helping with yard work or house chores

- Playing outside

- Going to the Park

- Playing at an open gym

- Have a Dance Party

- Play Dress up

- Get on the ground and play with them

- Special Movie

I'll Share our week of fun quality time activities that we plan on doing! Check out some ideas that we've shared on our Pinterest! Please tag us in the fun activities that you do with your littles also so that we can see what they are up to!


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