• Kelsee Feist

Pee Pad Anyone?

Ladies, you know when you realize that you're about to start your period... You're with friends and you ask if anyone has an extra tampon!?!? Well, just wait you'll start asking if anyone has an extra pee pad/ pantie liner because if you even feel like your gonna sneeze or cough you better take precaution... Cause a double sneeze is like Niagara Falls a dam couldn't stop the flow! Welcome to the real hood, mommyhood where peeing your pants is normal... well maybe just for my friends and me!?

This is a topic that has been super close to home for me. Because yes pushing out two adorable little babies did some "damage". DON'T be ashamed if you have to wear them.. just own it! Did you know that there is such a thing as a pelvic floor specialist, and they are AMAZING! My specialist is the bees knees and she listens to what I'm saying and helps me so much I LOVE HER! No it's not just her telling me to do Kegels, she shows me workouts and does them with me that will help strengthen my pelvic floor and also help tighten up my mom flab because yes I know, I carried my babies and I should be proud of my body but I don't feel that great in my skin the majority of the time. That is a big pet peeve of mine that people tell us, moms, it's okay you just had a baby... Like no shit I know I did but I still don't feel great I have fat in places I never knew fat could go... I have stretch marks that have their own zip code and thank god I can finally see my goods but it's still not that easy. I just highly recommend keeping a few liners in your purse at all times cause you never know what could happen..... or who knows you could be a mom's superhero one day?!?!

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