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This week lets try our best to make time for ourselves! Things you can do daily that will help you feel like you've done something productive for the day. It doesn't matter how big or small the task is but what does matter is that you did it! You did something for YOURSELF today!

Here are some ideas that I came up with: (BECAUSE I NEED TO DO THESE TOO)

1. Make your bed

2. Wash your face

3. Take a shower

4. Put lotion on

5. Drink 3 bottles/glasses of water

6. Go for a walk

7. Read a book

8. Do your hair and/or makeup

9. Put your OWN laundry away

10. Do 10 min or more of yoga - Sarah Beth on YouTube is AMAZING!

11. Small workouts that you can do on the ground with the kiddos

12. Make a small journal entry

Take 3 of these and do them daily you can change it up, do more than 3 and do different ones every day! The feeling you'll get from just waking up and making your bed every morning in its self will make a big difference for you. WHY?!?! Because when you wake up it takes 2 min if that and you can say you've already been productive for the day! Walking in your room it will seem a little more put together and clean. At night when it's time for bed it's all put together and ready for another peaceful night or not because whos kids sleep through the night..... I'm JELLY!

Taking a few moments out of your day to do small things for yourself makes a big difference in the end! For postpartum, it is everything because we are constantly caring for our little ones and/or older ones... But what about US!? We need time for us too!!

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