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Mommy Shaming

This has been a hot topic lately, well really it has been for FOREVER!

WHY.... Why is this a thing? We are all human and we all do our best and sure we might make a mistake here and there but ummmm excuse me but no one has room to mommy shame! I know some super amazing mamas and women but they aren't perfect because WHO IS!?

We all have strengths but you know what we all have weaknesses also! Some moms have the strongest control of their mental health they might still have hard days, that's to be expected but that is AMAZING... And moms like me... not so much, the struggle is real every single day and we do our absolute best that we can for that day!

Some moms can snap right back after having a baby because that's their body or they are eating healthier and maybe working out it's AWESOME, but don't shame them for their body type or dedication to help themselves. You have NO IDEA what that mama is dealing with on the daily unless she tells you or puts it out for all to see! Some moms can't seem to lose weight because they have an addiction to sweets, eating disorder or another medical reason, maybe they haven't been cleared to workout, a busy working mama that wants to spend her time home with her kiddos making memories.... again YOU HAVE NO IDEA what she is going through.

We are all so so quick to judge, ME included yep been there done that because I'm human but I've learned so much since starting my blog. I'm not perfect definitely not what I'm implying! What I'm saying is take a second and think before you speak, think before you judge and think before you react.....

When my daughter was a newborn is was September so getting cold outside... Well, when I had to take her to her Dr. appointments I was that mom, my daughter had no socks on and I would get the most awful looks and side comments that a new mom didn't need to hear! The reason why I didn't put socks on her is that she gets super hot and would literally vomit EVERYWHERE it was horrible and I hated seeing her so sick, so I took off her socks. She was still bundled but that didn't matter I still got looks or people would try and give me tips of what to do.... which was nice but she is MY daughter and I know her better than anyone! Just like you know your little's, yourself, your husband and YOU LIFE better than anyone else!

Lets stop mommy shaming and judging... instead take a second to talk to a new mommy and get to know her! She might have more in common with you then you think! Also we don't only shame and judge others the real problem is how often we shame and judge ourselves! Take some time for yourself mama!

Send some love to a mommy or two that you know! Tell them you are always here for them start that conversation and build that relationship because we are all in this together!

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