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Nothing like starting out with a bang! Not holding back from my inner personality AT ALL.

While shopping at Target!

Here we go with the good, bad and ugly. Yep today I was that millennial mom at target.... making my sister take a picture of me because first off this chair is bad-ass and second because I started a business to help other moms or really whoever needs to read some interesting content!

The makeup I have on is from the day before I always preach to TAKE OFF YOUR MAKEUP.... but occasionally I don't and it is what it is. I'm almost ALWAYS in workout clothes because they are comfy and the waist band holds in that dreadful front mom butt, pooch, loose skin really whatever you want to call it.... or "Tina the talking tummy." - White Chicks (It's a movie if you've never seen it because you live under a rock.) And if you notice my shirt was caught between my thigh fat and I crated a camel toe with my shirt... maybe a first I don't know but hey I can start new trends too. And to top it all off my look is because I don't give a F, my reason being because I'm at target and it's a sport to shop at that store. Well maybe just for me but the dollar section, I come ready to fight for that last item that "I just have to have," typically I'm with my mom and sister if I ever go to target cause it's a family affair and.... my sister lives there she just won't admit it! But they always lecture me about the shit I pick up and what am I gonna do with it..... I have clever ideas in my mind to say the least.

MOMS my point is that going to the store not all put together because you need an hour of poop free time or avoiding your kid asking to watch "nay" for the 100000000000000000x time that day, DO IT! And screw the person that looks at you weird because you forgot to put D-O on that B-O or you have a very questionable stop on your shirt that you debate licking or sniffing. Your Welcome!

Side note: I cannot stop laughing while writing this because of the amount of joy I have being myself and not giving a damn. I LOVE WHO I AM SO MUCH!

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