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Don't Forget to love YOURSELF

1. Take a second and recap your last week...What did you do for YOU?

Was it a hard week? Was it a normal week? Did you finally pee alone?

2. Have you said hello to yourself and checked in on your emotions?

Don't know why you started crying for no reason? Are you confused? Did you uncontrollably laugh recently? .... cause if yes, I'm glad I'm not alone.

3. Whatever you're blaming yourself for this week... let it go, mama, it's a new day!

Loving yourself is honestly one of the hardest things I've ever been told I NEED to do, and I would always do the "yah, okay, totally" ... NOT. Because first of all I never had to tools to figure out what in the hell that meant, and everyone says it to you but never gives you direction so me being me I had to go find it! I don't think I've found it completely because it's a work in progress but I love myself so much more today than I have in my 25 years. I've had a substantial amount of life experiences and I think that it makes me a better person and it also has helped me look at life from so many different angles.

Let us get right to it...



Positive words that you can repeat to yourself or write down and say them at the same time, this is a little more stimulating for some! I'm a paper person so writing them down and seeing them helps me.




- GIRL, Wash your face at NIGHT and in the MORNING, DON'T forget to moisturize-

When you wash your face most people just cleanse once... Nope, we cleanse TWICE... Why?!?!? because if you have makeup, dirt or buildup on your face from throughout your day, one cleanse will not take it all off I promise. So here are your STEPS!

1. Get a wash cloth and get it totally wet with HOT water, please don't make it so hot that you'll burn yourself, wring out the cloth open it up so it's flat and press cloth to face! Do this about 3 times, the point of it is to help with the way the cleanser works on your face along with opening up your pores and breaking down any makeup, dirt or buildup that's on your face... YES, this is for EVERYONE - Splashing water up on your face doesn't really do much...

2. Now that your face is prepped, set your rag down wet your hands just a little if they are a little dry, (there is a difference between being hot from the rag and actually being wet) the point of this is so that your cleanser has the ability to emulsify in your hands easier. Get a small amount (pea size) of cleanser and rub it in your hands, that's how the product will begin its magic. Apply the cleanser to your face in circular motions moving in an UPWARDS direction and around your eyes be careful and rub toward your nose, in an inward motion. You want to avoid pulling on your skin especially around your eyes as that's the thinnest skin on our face.

3. NOW, follow step one but you want to apply a little more presser to wipe off the product and any buildup that was on your face, make sure to wipe in an UPWARD motion with the rag and INWARDS around your eyes again being very careful to not pull ... we don't want to create wrinkles if we can help it, right?!?!? Rinse off the rag as many times as you feel is needed to get all the product off your face.

4. FOLLOW steps 1-3 for a SECOND TIME to make sure that all buildup from your busy day is off.... just because you can't see the buildup (If you don't, or didn't wear makeup today) it doesn't matter... YOU NEED TO WASH YOUR FACE TWICE! I promise you'll notice a difference.

5. GIRL apply that SERUM (if you need the extra moisture) and MOISTURIZER!

I know it seems like a lot, believe me, I KNOW, but it's SO WORTH IT! I was terrible at washing my face for the longest time, I'm talking up until this year because I thought, "who has time for this". I notice my skin suffering from the neglect and I hated feeling... BLAH and GROSS! So this is a BIG thing that has helped me and made such a difference in my daily life!


If you want it you'll get it...

This has been a LIFE CHANGER for me. I decided after this last year that I was done being scared of myself, my past and my dreams. My anxiety ALWAYS got the best of me and I ALWAYS would talk myself out of things that I know now I NEEDED TO DO! Taking time for yourself is SO important especially for us moms because we are always, ALWAYS putting everyone else before ourselves along with their needs and wants... BUT it's our turn NOW, RIGHT NOW. If you WANT IT GIRL, GO GET IT! Don't think you can... well I KNOW YOU CAN! Been there, done that... AND HERE I AM! LOVE YOURSELF and find time for YOURSELF. It's okay to focus on your dreams too mama and it's NEVER too late!


A MUST... We need to vent, everyone does and therapy has always been a part of my self-care and love since I was 6 years old! But this year because I'm working on myself more in-depth I started seeing a new therapist that does EMDR and let me tell you ITS CHANGED MY LIFE! I have been doing it for a couple of months now and WOW! Find your thing or person and go with it!

These are just a few self-care things I've found to be helpful for me. Everyone is different and trying out different things is how I've found what works best for me.

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